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Basketball & Multipurpose Halls

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Systems For Basketball & Multipurpose Halls

At Circle Enterprises, we provide premium multifunctional indoor/outdoor sports floors that offer excellent comfort and safety for both training and competitions.

Our partner manufacturers have extensive experience in developing and producing high-quality, high-performance sports floors. They offer the finest synthetic surfaces with a wide range of applications, including solid maple permanent installations and synthetic PU floor systems.

Approved by F.I.B.A. (International Basketball Federation) and the I.H.F. (International Handball Federation).

Technology & Material

The flooring systems are  approved by F.I.B.A. (International Basketball Federation) and the I.H.F. (International Handball Federation).

  • Synthetic Polyurethane Flooring (6-11mm)
  • Synthetic Acrylic Indoor Flooring (1-4mm)
  • Maple Wood Floor
  • Kids Playing Area Flooring
  • Outdoor Gym Flooring

What Do We Offer?

Our flooring systems deliver excellent ball response, consistent play properties, and optimal performance for various sports.

At Circle Enterprises, we introduce premium, safe, and sustainable floor systems to buildings across Pakistan. From solid maple permanent and portable floor systems, renowned for their playability, resiliency, shock absorption, and durability, to the finest synthetic surfaces with versatile applications.

Basketball & Multipurpose Halls

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Founded in 2008, Circle Enterprises is a leading sports constructor, distributor and installer of sports surfaces in the Islamabad and Rawalpindi area. Lead by a team that has an experience of more than 13+ years Learn More


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